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6 Jul

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Girly Man

3 Jul

You girly man!

So…before I start, I want to say that I do like Nora Ephron movies. They’re fun, the dialogue is cute and they’re great when you’re really depressed (translation:lady times.) I’ve said before that my Dad used to repeatedly quote ‘When Harry Met Sally’ to ensure that I KNEW men and women can not be friends. Got it Dad, everyone wants to bone me…except they’re not.

That said, her movies really started all this overly emotional, girly man, bull crap in films that I HATE. Before her, guys in the movies never sat around, talking about their feelings. Sure, ‘When Harry Met Sally’ might have made me wish I could date a guy who’s my best friend, but if he’s just my best friend, he’s clearly lacking the balls to ask me out and I don’t need to date any more pussies. I’ve had it with talking about feelings, I’ve dated enough gay guys, thank you very much.

Think about it, Clark Gable never cried to one of his bros about some chick dumping him.

I’ll show you dumping. And no, I don’t want to talk about it.

Rock Hudson, who actually was a “sissy”, may chat away to a girl on the phone, but the only feelings discussed would be foreshadowing the major bone session he’s got in mind for later that evening.

Feelings? I’ll give you something to feel later tonight, Doris.

And, it was always believable that he would ravage the virginal, good girl, Doris Day. I don’t think Tom Hanks is capable of ravaging a hamburger, much less showing Meg Ryan who’s boss.

We’re talking…and that’s it.

The overly emotional guys Nora created morphed into sloppy losers of my generation. They can’t catch a girl based on their looks or quick wit, so they sit around and wait until one gets drunk enough to make some poor choices.

I’m supposed to want to date this?

Pre-Nora, Tony Curtis used his noggin and hatched a scheme to get into Natalie Wood’s panties. But, let’s face it, he really wouldn’t have to do much. All he’d have to do is wink at a girl to get her chonies on the ground. (And if you know anything about his real life, he was well aware that, and got crazy, stupid, amounts of ass from everyone.)

Natalie Wood, way hotter than Meg Ryan and Tony Curtis in his prime…beat it Tom Hanks, ya botherin’ me.

And what’s with all the sloppy dressing? For hundreds of years men have managed to dress themselves in a presentable manner, until now. Wearing a suit takes less thought than jeans and a t-shirt AND girls like it better. Being well dressed doesn’t make you gay, but it seems like they’re the only ones who know how to take care of business anymore.

Ironing is for guys who want to get laid. I’d rather cry about my feeling and wipe my tears on my cat’s tail.

‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ is the only modern example of why a man dressing well is a very important factor in getting the ladies. But a half-dozen movies about cry baby slobs came out and erased the public’s memory of this ONE example.

Ryan Gosling: The wrapper is just as good as the filling.

Thank you for your fun movies, Nora, but can men go back to being men now?