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I’m Watching You

1 Dec

Actually, I am mad at you AND the dirt.

So….I’m getting really fed up with how DISGUSTING adult women are. I’m surrounded by them all day at work so I have plenty of time to obverse them in all their foul glory. I don’t know why I’m a germ freak. Probably because I grew up with Joan Crawford reincarnated as my father (impossible since they both lived during the same time…but you get the picture…TINA!!) or from working at the most disgusting theme park on Earth. Watching kids eat boogers or deep dig their b-holes and parents change dirty diapers in a restaurant made me think everyone is gross as hell. I’m not wrong. Either way, people gross me out and now, let me share how my mind works to freak you out.

life's going down the toliet

Like most people, I require the usage of the bathroom while I’m at work. One day, while washing my hands, I noticed the soap was out on one of the sinks. Another woman came out of a different stall and used the soapless sink. I told her it was out and she said, “Oh, whatever.”


Seriously? You’re disgusting. That was NOT the only time I encountered women NOT washing their hands. Women, what is going on? I don’t care how many layers of toilet paper were between you and your butt, the bottom of your palm and your wrist were open to the a stray fart or dingle berry…or worse, a queef. Then, what are you going to do? Touch the door that I need to touch, cups, your cellphone! Yea, your cellphone will have fart residue. Sick ass.

bitch face

Didn’t wash your hands? Hmm.


Also, how about making sure the automatic flushing toilet ACTUALLY flushes so no one else has to share in that watery deuce.  Is it grossing you out?? Yeah I know! It is gross. I’m sure some weirdos will think I’m doing some form of shaming. I am. This is gross, everyone who sees this occurring in real life should give a bitch look or make a comment under their breath or if you have guts…to the nasty ass face of the disgusting, non-hand washers out there.