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4 Mar



Here’s to you…tube!


So….I’ve started a youtube channel called HOLLYWOOD PARTY. I read a lot of books about Old Hollywood, shocker, and I tell you which ones are good and maybe introduce you to some new (old) stars that you might really enjoy. In addition to that, I’ve been writing my book, which is why this blog doesn’t see much action…for now. Please check out the old youtubes, and LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to HOLLYWOOD PARTY.


I’m a Bagel On a Plate Full of Onion Rolls

5 Nov

“If I can’t tell when you’re ordering roast beef and potatoes, how will I know when you’re making advances?”

So…anyone reading this post thinking it’s going to be another juicy round of me verbally raping some idiot guy,  you can stop reading right now. I’m going back to the only thing that brings me joy, old movies.  Thanks for reading, see you next time, so like, in three years.

Welcome back loyal readers….translation: Mom, Roger and random creepers of the interwebs. TCM announced the film opening the 2013 Festival, ‘Funny Girl.’ I almost lost it when I heard that news. I LOVE ‘Funny Girl.’ When TCM interviewed me (for the commercial that never was) two years ago I listed it as the first classic film I remember seeing and being totally obsessed with. Like most kids, I used to spend weeks in the summer visiting my Grandma. She goes to bed God awful early, so to keep me entertained she handed me a VHS of ‘Funny Girl’ and said “Here Kid, you can relate to this.” Clearly, Grandma knew something I didn’t know at that moment.

My Mirror Has Two Faces

In the beginning of the film everyone makes a big deal about Babs being different. She doesn’t look like the other girls and they go on about how she’s not pretty. “What the hell is wrong with the people in this movie,” I thought, ” she was gorgeous.” Fast forward to my life as we know it: ghost like, pale skin, tall and stacked. The polar opposite of the Californian girl. Now I get it.

One point for Grandma.

Side Note: The photo above hung in my dorm room in college. One day a friend of mine came over, looked at it and said, “You look good in that picture.” Oy vey. I’m only a quarter Jewish, but apparently, I don’t hide it as well as I thought. And when people say Barbra isn’t pretty, it hits a little nerve in me.

Another similarity Grandma couldn’t have known about so early on in my life is how I don’t how to handle myself around attractive men…just like in the movie. Barbra is a hot mess when dealing with an attractive man, she can’t believe he could like her at all and then chases after him. It is disgusting how much that same sick cycle of events happens in my life.

Two points for Grandma

But, Babs was trying to go for what she wanted, I can appreciate that. I just don’t have an awesome song to sing at my friends when they tell me the guy isn’t worth it…that happens a lot, I should probably come up with a little ditty.

I suppose the only things left from the prophecy would be a “groom prettier than the bride.” Ugh….with my penchant for closet cases, this too shall come to pass I’m afraid. And then a husband leaving because “I’m all wrong for the guy, but I’m good a laugh.”

Well, at least, in the end, Babs still had work. And I will always have writing…and cats. Silver lining? Ugh.

Back to TCM. This year the Festival falls on my birthday again, which is four days after Barbra’s. Spending my birthday weekend at my favorite event ever, partying with the lady that played one of my favorite characters ever is not only going to give me massive gay street cred (partying with Liza AND Babs…bow before me!) but will be a fabulous way to kick off my 28th year on this crap hole called Earth. I just have to make it six more months without dying of a stroke from dealing with f-tards. Pray for me.