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Bangarang, Robin

11 Aug

peter pan

So…I don’t really feel like smiling for the rest of the week after hearing this depressing as fuck news today. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Robin Williams affected my generation’s childhood tremendously. Between 1989-1998 he was in NINE films that were for kids. Don’t want to look them up, I respect your laziness and honesty: Dead Poets’ Society, Hook, Furngully, Aladdin, Toys, Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, Jack, and Flubber. As you read that list I’m sure you said to yourself, “Oh I loved that movie, that one was good too…oh man.” Yeah, this is shitty.


I know some people who don’t like Hook, I believe those people have no soul. I can’t watch that movie without crying. It’s got everything, nostalgia, fear of growing up, old people, parents connecting with kids, early cellphones, Dustin Hoffman in drag again (that wig, guys), Christmas time.  I can’t even watch that movie right now because I’ll lose my marble….just like Tootles.


When I was 2nd grade Aladdin came out and like every new Disney movie, that was the coolest shit I had ever seen. I had all the books, coloring books, had the soundtrack MEMORIZED. But the best character was, duh, the Genie. The character was pre-Shrek and had plenty of jokes just for the parents…and the weird little kid, me, who knew who Groucho Marx, Rodney Dangerfield and Jack Nicholson were. I remember telling my teacher that I wanted to be like Robin Williams and Bette Milder. That kind of freaked her out because, as I would find out as I got older, both of those celebrities were realllllllly raunchy prior to the Disney-fication of their careers.


Best makeover scene in filmdom is in Mrs. Doubtfire. It was Robin at his best, Gloria Swanson, Cuban woman, old Yiddish lady, Streisand….all with Harvey Firestein. What more could you want? I have a Scottish grandmother and all of my friends thought she was like Mrs. Doubtfire….except not a dude.


I’m pretty sure everyone had to watch this in their high school English class. Partly because it was a great film and partly because the teacher showing it wished they still  had the passion Robin had for his students. Hell, I wish I had an English teacher that passionate, he was kick ass in this movie.


Not that anyone is a fan of death, but suicides are horrible. I’m not a super genius like him, but I’m sure it wasn’t easy living in that amazing, wacky brain. Hopefully people will rediscover some of his films and hilarious stand up specials. And, on a side note, although this event put the kibosh on the terrible idea of Mrs. Doubtfire 2, I am CERTAIN it will not stop Disney from making their 53rd Aladdin movie.